Digital Molecular Matterâ??s material physics tech becomes the latest addition to Gamebryo

Emergent snaps up DMM deformation tech

Digital molecular Matter – the ‘material physics’ tool used in LucasArts’ Star Wars The Forced Unleashed – is the newest addition to Emergent’s Gamebryo engines.

Gamebryo LightSpeed is the engine behind games such as Warhammer Online and Fallout 3, and has in recent times integrated a wealth of tools to remain competitive in the game engine market.

LightSpeed incorporates middleware such as PhysX and NaturalMotion, while Emergent very recently announced that it was bringing Xaitment’s latest AI toolset to the table.

The addition of Digital Molecular Matter, or DMM, is no doubt a move by Emergent to help fortify its position in the middleware market.

Designed by middleware group Pixelux, DMM can simulate the physics of objects in relation to their material properties, as well as govern the deformation and breaking points of those materials. Wood splinters, glass shatters, metal melts and bends.

The technology was added to Trinigy’s Vision Engine in May this year.

"Pixelux’ Digital Molecular Matter is an impressive piece of technology," said John Austin, VP of Partners at Emergent.

"The integration with DMM will allow LightSpeed and Gamebryo users to create fantastic content for their games. We can’t wait to see what our customers will build with this technology."

The DMM plugin is available on both Gamebryo and Gamebryo LightSpeed.

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