Lucid Games programmer Joe Hurst discusses the recruitment process at the Geometry Wars 3 developer

Employee Hot Seat: Lucid Games

What do you do at the studio?
I’m a general programmer with a speciality in rendering. I work on game projects from concept to completion and titles that require a conversion from one platform to another, as well as helping with other projects the company has undertaken.

How did you get your current job?
After university I spent my summer in Dundee competing in the game making competition, Dare to be Digital, where our team became one of three finalists. Our team leader had worked in Liverpool prior to the competition and was aware of the growth of independent games and animation studios in the area. I applied via Lucid’s website and was offered the position.

What perks are available to those working at the studio?
I would say the major perk of working at Lucid Games is the ability to explore your field of expertise as well as hone in on a particular interest. I describe my job role as general programmer because I have been involved in many areas of games development, from game design to core tech. 

My true passion though is for render programming, which Lucid Games has allowed me to focus upon in many projects, such as Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. This type of involvement allows for each individual to grasp the entire concept of the current project, as well as work on the parts they find most interesting. Aside from the major games, Lucid Games promotes side projects, which allows employees to try out their game ideas whilst being surrounded by highly skilled co-workers happy to help out.

Flexible hours allow for that extra use of the snooze button. Pet dogs and rabbits visit on occasion, lunch time games are enjoyed across the company and Nerf guns are locked and loaded at all times.

What is the recruitment process like at your studio?
Lucid Games are always on the lookout for new talent that will fit well into the company. Which means the recruitment process is both a test of ability and character, as we believe compatibility and co-operation is the key to an efficient and dedicated workforce. Our applicants undergo two face-to-face interviews, one with, and one without, technical staff. 

What was your own interview like?
Quite relaxed and friendly. As this was a graduate position, we talked about what my course had covered and what my aspirations were. The interviews took place in a large open-plan office space, de-formalising the process somewhat, which was a welcoming change to the the ‘sweat boxes’ other recruiters decided to use.

I was shown around the studio, shown the current projects and met some of the faces I would later be working with. From the interview process I was given a glimpse into what working at Lucid Games would be like, which made it an easy decision to make once the position had been offered to me.

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