Intel Developer Blog: How to defend your games and apps from hackers

Enhancing Android security for everyone

It’s been a great year for Android developers. We’re now at a stage where over 70% of tablets and smartphones in the world are based on the Android OS.

But it’s not all plain sailing. One of the things that attracts developers to Android is the fact that it is an open platform, but this can also mean devices are exposed to Trojans or malicious apps. Tao Wang has written an interesting article on the Intel Developer Zone, where he outlines the main concerns for Android’s open platform:

  • Insufficient protection from malicious apps and Trojans
  • Incomplete device security/management APIs
  • RootKit exposure
  • Unauthorised boot-loaders

As more and more people are bringing their Android tablets and phones to work, these worries are magnified. So what can developers do to put minds at ease?

You may remember from CES 2014 that Intel is offering expanded security capabilities with Intel Device Protection Technology for Android devices that are based on Intel architecture. It gives you the tools necessary to proactively secure Android devices and block malware. For instance, you’ll be able to get your hands on a set of software extensions that provide white listing, malware scans, web filtering and contextual permission management capabilities.

Business smartphones, tablets and laptops will also enjoy the hardware and software enhancements, which allow them to split up personal and corporate data. This is just one of the features that will allow users to keep both data and personal content safe and secure.

If security is at the front of your mind, you can go to the Intel Developer Zone to discover the key points of the technology, how it works and enterprise manageability.

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