Geomerics’ latest point-release also introduces new tutorials and sample code for easier engine integration

Enlighten 3.06 reduces precompute time, adds DirectX 12 support

Version 3.06 of Geomerics’ acclaimed global illumination tool Enlighten is now available, and makes a number of significant improvements.

First of all, the time required for precomputing has been reduced. Scenes correctly set up for Enlighten should typically take around one hour to precompute, but balanced scenes will now be 10 per cent faster. Cases where CreatePreClustering is the longest stage could see even shorter precompute times.

The team has also introduced experimental DirectX 12 support for Windows 10, providing the user is building their game with Unreal Engine. This support may be limited for now, but Geomerics pledges to “continue development in this area”.

A new set of tutorials and sample code have also been included that aim to make it easier for users to integrate the Enlighten SDK into their own game engines.

There have also been numerous improvements to Enlighten’s Forge for artists. Large scenes will now render up to three times faster, with improved performance for features such as shadow casting and performing multi-edit on objects.

You can read more in the Enlighten 3.06 release notes.

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