Latest update also adds simplified workflows and improved baking support

Enlighten comes to iOS and Android

Geomerics’ lighting solution Enlighten is now compatable with Android and iOS, the tech firm has announced.

The middleware, which recently won the Develop Award for Technical Innovation, now allows developers to add lighting effects such as global illumination and area lights on mobile titles.

“Sometimes we have to remind ourselves just how astonishing it is to see global illumination computed in real-time on a tablet or phone," said Geomerics founder Chris Doran.

"It wasn’t that long ago that people were telling me this was impossible on high-end hardware."

As well as mobile support, the tech has also been upgraded to offer full support for baking its output into high-resolution lightmaps in a fully real-time authoring process, whilst also allowing devs to blend static and dynamic effects together.

The new update has also made changes to the authoring workflow, simplifying the way geometry is handled.

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