Low-cost 3D toolkit for entry-level game makers gets its first beta on October 31

Entry-level game engine FPS Creator Reloaded unveiled and beta dated

The Game Creators, the award-winning maker behind App Game Kit, has revived plans for a brand new version of its low-cost game engine for the PC.

FPS Creator Reloaded is a community-funded project that was originally pitched by the software-making duo a year ago, but failed to spark enough interest.

Since then, however, their ambition to provide tools for entry-level developers has received more attention thanks to App Game Kit, their mobile and tablet-focused development package, the second iteration of which is now underway.

The FPS Creator Reloaded project has so far raised over $100,000 in support of its development.
Users can pledge direct to TGC to gain early access to beta versions, the first of which is due to begin on October 31st.

An FPS Creator Reloaded is billed as an innovative and easy to use game creation program.

“For the first time you’ll be able to easily build your own high quality games to match those of the big developers,” said Rick Vanner, development director at The Game Creators.

The editing system in FPS Creator Reloaded works in a straightforward manner. User paint and sculpt their 3D world with their mouse, add in game characters and other game elements, such as buildings, weapons, foliage, and then test it for themselves.

Reloaded has been built so that almost every aspect of a game be customised, giving users the means to make their gameworlds special.

Bob Duffy, developer community manager of Intel, said: “As Intel Black Belt developers, The Games Creators represent a calibre of development that is both innovative and exceptional. This is well demonstrated in FPS Creator Reloaded which looks to be an awesome game creation tool for both novice and accomplished developers.”

Lee Bamber, CEO and lead developer at The Game Creators, added: “We’ve been developing FPS Creator Reloaded with the help and feedback of our community and this has helped mould the development for the better. The visual quality on FPS Creator Reloaded is of the highest standard, meaning that all the games you make will look and play great.”

User interested in pledging money and accessing the beta for FPS Creator Reloaded should visit the official website.

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