Extraordinary world navigation camera can film Unreal Engine 3 scenes

Epic Games integrates offbeat â??virtual film cameraâ??

Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 is now compatible with a unique virtual camera system that allows developers to explore their game worlds as movie directors.

The Gamecaster GCS3 resembles a professional video camera used by videographers in film production. Yet instead of filming real world-surroundings, the GCS3 takes the user through virtual 3D worlds, or finished levels in games, to film a scene.

The theory – as shown in the video below – is that this process leads to more filmic cut-scenes in games.

Seemingly impressed by this technology, Epic Games has made the GCS3 available to licensees of Unreal Engine 3 and the Unreal Development Kit. The engines have also been customised to integrate better with the camera system.

"GCS3 integration with Unreal Matinee makes it easier for game developers and cinematographers to achieve immediate, fantastic results in virtual filmmaking," Epic president Michael Capps.

"With GCS3, developers can open the Unreal Editor, record live camera movement within a cinematic scene, and play back results instantly. It’s that simple and it can save a huge amount of time on tasks that usually require manual keyframing," he added.

Gamecaster is now the newest member of Epic’s Integrated Partners Program.

Capps added, "Our partners program ensures that our licensees have access to integration code for industry-leading tools and middleware maintained in step with Unreal Engine 3 as it advances. Unreal Engine 3 licensees benefit from having the best tools and 3D applications work seamlessly with the engine out of the box."

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