Epic launches free Rift shooter Robo Recall

Developer Epic Games has finally released its free FPS action title Robo Recall on the Oculus Rift.

The game is built with Unreal Engine 4 and features high intensity shooting and melee action, with a large number of enemy characters besieging the player. It requires the Oculus Touch controllers to play.

Epic has also announced the Robo Recall Mod Kit, which is a free native mod editor for the game that allows for the creation of new characters, maps and weapons.

With the Robo Recall Mod Kit, players are invited to bring all-new experiences to Recallers everywhere. Modders can build newRoboReady-approved products, including top notch weapons for dispatching rogue robots, or change up the fight by creating their own opponents in need of recalling and creative decimation,” Epic said.

The Mod Kit also allows players to create and share new levels for everyone to explore and build new versions of the Robo Recall maps with custom gameplay.

Of the title itself, Epic added: Using a range of customizable and unlockable weapons, Robo Recall fulfills players’ fantasies of being a badass Recaller, testing their bot-destroying skills with a variety of increasingly challenging and over-the-top missions.

In this immersive VR experience, a high score is the ultimate goal, and can be earned by destroying enemy robots with creative combat tactics, fancy moves and skill shots as players teleport throughout the game’s stunning city environments. Robo Recall also features an emergent sandbox experience that allows players to test out trick shots while tearing apart and decimating robots in extreme ways.”

Robo Recall is exclusive to the Oculus Rift, although the game is already up and running on Revive for those who wish to try it with their HTC Vive.

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