Epic launches tutorial platform Unreal Engine Online Learning

Fortnite developer and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games just launched a new online learning platform for aspiring developers wanting to master the engine.

The platform is called Unreal Engine Online Learning and gathers tutorial videos and learning material on a variety of topics divided into four tracks: game development, architecture, industrial design and media & entertainment.

You can also sort the content by job roles. For example, if you click on ‘game designer’ (see image below), you’ll find tutorials on topics such as real-time rendering, making the switch from Unity to Unreal, creating and using materials in a production environment and the essentials of Blueprint (which Sumo Digital’s Simon Lashley detailed in our latest issue). The real-time rendering lesson for instance gives access to 13 videos, with the lengths varying from nine minutes to about half an hour, for a grand total of 232 minutes. There are also various levels of difficulty, from ‘Getting started’ to ‘Master level’.

The platform is a work in progress as more content will constantly be added. It is open to everyone and free of charge. Click here to have a look.

In the announcement, senior marketing manager Dana Cowley said: “Our extensive online training illustrates common workflows in a series of detailed yet easy-to-follow videos so you can master Unreal Engine for your own projects. […] This new platform includes a lot of the great video content you’ve seen on our website in the past, plus dozens of new videos on common workflows, new features, and a whole lot more!”

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