Epic opportunities await in the UK

How is it that 20 years after ZZT, Epic Games is still doing something new every day? The answer is people. Each individual at Epic Games contributes to the studio’s capabilities to build and maintain the technology that makes up Unreal Engine 4 and an ever-increasing roster of new properties such as Fortnite, Paragon and Spyjinx

Epic has been making games since 1991, and uses that history to leap forward, with eyes looking toward the future. A great example of Epic’s fearless evolution is its presence in the UK, boasting three engineering-focused studios spread across Guildford, Sunderland, and
Leamington Spa. 

In the beautiful brick buildings of Guildford, Epic is making sure that UE4 runs on all consoles, from PS4 to Xbox One to Switch, and beyond.
From here, the Unreal Engine console team works closely with Epic’s internal games teams across the
pond on performance, optimization, and support. 

If there is something developers want to know about shipping on current and next generation hardware using the leading game engine, these are the people to know.

It takes more than engineers to ship innovative technology, of course. One of the benefits of building a massive, freely available realtime rendering toolset is that it opens up collaboration with artists, designers, and industries who share a mutual love of creating immersive experiences. 

The roles we are looking to fill here in the UK offer an amazing opportunity to join Epic.

Mike Gamble, Epic Games

This is where the incredible people known as developer relations technical artists and developer relations engineers come in. Working alongside members of the UE4 team in Epic’s Guildford office, the developer relations team works with external developers across games, media and entertainment (‘M&E’ if you’re in the biz), architectural visualization (arch viz) and the automotive industry.

These teams and individuals are impacting the future of Epic and other companies around the world, often by traveling directly to Unreal Engine licensees to apply their decades of experience and knowledge of realtime tools to accomplish things never before done. 

It sounds a bit hyperbolic until one takes part in such bleeding-edge collaborations, like the one amongst Epic, The Mill, GM and Chevrolet for The Human Race, for example. Epic is already hard at work for 2018, preparing to break new ground anywhere realtime rendering technology can enhance an
interactive experience.

“The roles we are looking to fill here in the UK offer an amazing opportunity to join Epic during the most exciting time in the company’s history,” said Mike Gamble, european territory manager, Epic Games. “Our developer relations positions in particular offer a unique chance to engage with the world’s best developers while putting one’s knowledge and expertise to meaningful use across a wide variety of projects.”

One individual at a time, Epic UK is looking for senior engineers with experience for console and physics teams, as well as passionate technical artists to join our developer
relations ranks.

No stranger to genre defining roles, Epic is excited to share its combination of experience and ambition with people who want to shape the future. If we keep this up, we may have to call it the ‘Real’ Engine. Epic opportunities do await in the UK.

Current open positions: 

  • Engine programmer (Console)
  • Physics programmer
  • Developer relations engineer
  • Developer relations technical artist
  • Technical account manager, M&E

For more information visit epicgames.com/careers

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