Epic releases Paragon assets for free to all developers

Epic has taken the closure of its ambitious MOBA Paragon and turned it into an opportunity to help the Unreal development community. Assets from the game are being made available to all UE4 users, completely free of charge, for use in their personal and commercial projects. These characters and environments were created at a cost of $12m according to Epic, and as such are triple-A quality. Players of Paragon will know that the game’s visuals certainly weren’t what led to its demise.

The Paragon bundles, available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, include 20 character models, complete with skins, animations, VFX and dialogue. There are also 1500 environment components to plug together to quickly create maps. Perfect for prototyping level designs.

For those experimenting with the game’s characters, Epic recommends starting with Shinobi as she comes with an animation Blueprint which can then be used as a framework for giving life to the other characters in the pack. Level designers can play around with a full sample map instead of the many individual components, should they desire. Having this sort of free resource at their fingertips is an incredible boon for anyone looking to learn to use the engine.

Epic promises that there’ll be more Paragon assets to be released over the spring and summer, “beyond the initial $12 million offering” according to the press release. You can find more information on the Paragon website and more technical details and help on the Epic website

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