COO Tim Sweeney lays out roadmap for popular middleware - PC not a priority

Epic says Unreal Engine 4 will ‘exclusively target the next console generation’

In an interview with TGdaily, Epic Games COO Tim Sweeney has confirmed that the studio is planning to release a fourth version of its popular Unreal Engine in line with the next console generation.

While the engine won’t be exclusively for the next-generation of consoles, it will be tailored and designed for those platforms (whatever they may be) in the first instance.

"The Unreal engine is really tied to a console cycle. We will continue to improve Unreal Engine 3 and add significant new features through the end of this console cycle. There is a long life ahead for Unreal Engine 3," he said, adding:

"Version 4 will exclusively target the next console generation, Microsoft’s successor for the Xbox 360, Sony’s successor for the Playstation 3 – and if Nintendo ships a machine with similar hardware specs, then that also. PCs will follow after that."

Focusing the development of the technology for the consoles rather than PC ties in with Sweeney’s previous comments to TGdaily that the platform wasn’t ideal for gaming.

He said: ""Those machines are good for e-mail, web browsing, watching video. But as far as games go, those machines are just not adequate. It is no surprise that retail PC sales suffer from that."

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