Epic: What’s the point of next-gen consoles?

The Wii U will be out in 2012, many expect a new Xbox reveal at E3 next year and we know work on the PS4 has begun. But Epic president Mike Capps has questioned the need for new consoles entirely.

"I think the real challenge for us now is about how do we deal with iPhone 8,” he told IndustryGamers. If you watch where the gamers are going that’s where they are. Your iPhone 8 will probably plug into your TV, or better yet, wirelessly connect to your television set to give you that big screen gaming experience with good sound.

So really, what’s the point of those next-gen consoles? It’s a very interesting situation to be looking at. That’s what we’re starting to think about more, not how do we scale from some Nintendo platform to some other future console."

Capps also foresees rapid advances in portable gaming tech.

"If you look at the ridiculous acceleration of iPhone hardware and technology, trying to find a sweet spot for tech to make your mobile game,” he claimed.

I mean, what would your mobile game look like in 2015? Who knows how fast that’s going to operate, but you can bet it’s going to be faster than an Xbox 360."

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