Develop Award-nominated new game made an impact, but not enough, studio chief says

Epic’s Bulletstorm ‘made no profit’

Bulletstorm, a widely applauded new IP released this year, has yet to create profit for the game’s owner Epic Games, an executive at the company has said.

Mike Capps, the president of the Gears Of War development studio, confirmed to Kotaku that the game “didn’t make money for us”.

The experienced studio boss has in the past spoken of numerous financial risks sweeping across both the core and mobile games markets.

In recent months he’s been outspoken about $0.99 apps for mobiles, which he claims are “killing the industry”. He also believes that, if he were starting up a development studio today, he wouldn’t take the risk.

Epic Games has successfully broken into new markets with mobile support for the Unreal Development Kit, and the trailblazing success of its iOS debut game Infinity Blade.

The iPhone and iPad game already returned more than $10 million.

Capps is keynoting Game Developers Conference Europe in August, where he discuss high-quality games in an increasingly fractured market.

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