We examine how the multiplatform tool offers a simple method for development

Essential Game Engines: Gamebryo

Creator: Gamebase
Platforms: Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
Games: El Shaddai, Epic Mickey, LEGO Universe, Catherine

Gamebryo is a multiplatform engine which Gamebase say has been designed to offer a simple development method.

Working on a license per title basis, Gamebase technical director Gabriel Liberty says the platform can be used by medium to large studios and aspiring indie devs alike.

“The focus of Gamebryo is to facilitate game development,” says Liberty.

“To achieve this, we simplified the workflow so that even the most novice games developers can produce high quality games.

"Simplicity alone is not enough and you have to have the muscle to drive current demand for amazing graphics running at amazing frame rates.”

Liberty believes that the engine space has gone through a “significant pass”, and that one of the sector’s central philosophies is speed, both in creation of the platform and in its ability to quicken the development process.

He says that Gamebryo overcomes this barrier by offering incremental updates to its technology as the industry advances, keeping its users up to date with the latest tools.

“Gamebryo now has the ability to resemble game studios internal technology by being able to deliver technology incrementally to customers who wish to stay on the cutting edge,” explains Liberty.

“This provides our development team strategic insight on how the technology is being used by customers and what adjustments need to be made.

"No longer do we have a cycle where we ship technology to only find out that it is not aligned with customer needs. We can save time and resources by providing our customers easy access to the latest and greatest.”

Liberty adds that customers who adopt early pieces of new tech can help define it, which he claims is a collaboration that “has never been attempted before in the game engines field”, with the company having gone through “major changes to make this possible”.

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