Develop takes a look at Terminal Reality's development tool designed for studios of all sizes

Essential Game Engines: Infernal

Creator: Terminal Reality
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, iOS, Wii
Seen in: Star Wars: Kinect, Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Offering what it states is a platform ideal for triple-A development, Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine allows users to create high performance games for a multitude of devices from console to mobile.

Used in the company’s own games such as Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Kinect Star Wars, lead technical artist Ryan Monday says the tool offers a single WYSIWYG editor that “allows users to deploy to all consoles and mobile platforms and allows them to maximise on their development budget by focusing on game-related functionality”.

It also features the Velocity Physics engine that allows users to create destructible environments, with a collision system its creators claim maintains thousands of simulating objects and offers real human body physics.

Despite being known for its integration into medium to large studio titles, Monday says Infernal has shifted its focus to providing affordable solutions as the sector moves away from simply pushing hardware boundaries.

“For the past decade the engine space has been focused on pushing the latest hardware to its limits,” he says.

“With the recent indie boom we have shifted our focus to tools, allowing smaller studios the ability to put out triple-A quality products on a low budget.”

Monday also says that when the platform was designed, Infernal wanted to make sure that it would be future proof, with the intensive systems in the engine possessing the ability to be multi-threaded.

“This gives us a huge advantage as new hardware starts to hit the market. We will fully support the next-gen consoles, continuing to keep Infernal on the most platforms of any solution on the market,” he says.

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