We look at Stonetrip's cross-platform tool targeted at indies and mid-sized studios

Essential Game Engines: ShiVa

Creator: Stonetrip
Platforms: Browser, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
Seen in: Earth and Legend, The Necronomicon Horror, Supersonic

ShiVa is a 3D real-time cross-platform engine that comes complete with a sound library, ‘advanced’ shading systems, physics engine and HUD rendering, whilst it is also extendable with plug-ins like PhysX, Fmod and ARtoolkit.

Targeted at both indie developers and mid-sized studios, ShiVa comes in basic and advanced editions, with the latter featuring a more robust set of development tools for its users such as asset management, optimisation software and performance profiling.

Stronetrip’s VP of communications Fabien Le Vavasseur claims that it was one of the first engine firms to adopt the royalty-free model back in 2007, following in the footsteps of Flash.

He says that the software’s pricing is now calculated to target specific budgets, depending on the developer’s size and project.

He adds that the company is constantly looking to keep up with where the industry is heading, to make sure its ShiVa engine remains relevant to devs.

“We are constantly working on the engine to provide better performance and quality; this has always been Stonetrip’s goal and it’s what drives us,” says Le Vavasseur.

“We also work hard to stay up to date with all the biggest gaming platforms, such as the PS3 and Xbox 360. We continue to strive and succeed to secure the best performance from each.”

Not content with what they currently offer developers, the technology outfit is also moving toward further improvements and potentially extended platform support for next-generation systems such as the Wii U, although that company has yet to decide on what devices it will be backing.

“While a decision hasn’t been made, our long time experience with Wii U would lead me to believe that it will be updated,” says Le Vavasseur.

“We have just released the new BlackBerry PlayBook/QNX support and there is more new console support coming soon. New support updates are always released free of charge.”

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