Industry backs VR for long-term success, but majority aren't making games for tech

European devs opting for PC over mobile, survey claims

European developers are increasingly developing games for PC rather than mobile, according to a new survey.

The GDC Europe State of the Industry report claims that 62 per cent of the 250 people surveyed are currently working on a PC game. This compares to 50 per cent who are bringing their title to mobile.

40 per cent of respondents said their last game was released on PC, with 40 per cent making their title available on mobile. 16 per cent said they launched their most recent game on browsers.

The results mark a shift from last year’s survey results, which saw 40 per cent releasing on mobile and 38 per cent on mobile.

Looking to the future, 67 per cent of those surveyed said they plan to release their next game on PC, with 53 per cent eyeing mobile.

As for other platforms, of those surveyed, 23 per cent said they are making a game for PS4, while 20 per cent are bringing their title to Xbox One.

34 per cent meanwhile plan to bring their next game to PS4, and 33 per cent are aiming for an Xbox One release.

Other findings in the report claimed that developers were increasingly favouring a launch on Android over iOS, with 63 per cent targeting Google’s OS and 57 per cent releasing their game on Apple’s marketplace.

Despite 71 per cent of respondents believing there is a long–term, sustainable market for virtual reality games, only 22 per cent are actually working on games for the tech.

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