'No credit card or payment information obtained', claims developer Riot Games

European League of Legends hacked

The European databases for League of Legends has been compromised, making it the latest game to be targeted in a string of security breaches targeting online games and services.

In an open letter on the game’s forum, Riot Games announced that hackers had gained access to e-mail, encrypted passwords, character names, birthdates, and security questions in a limited number of cases.

The developer has advised players to change their passwords, and advised that e-mail adresses obtained in data thefts are frequently targeted in phishing attacks.

No credit card or payment information was obtained.

The ongoing threat to digital security is a severe liability to online game developers.

The cost of maintaining strong security, and the risk of damages incurred by customers should their data fall into the wrong hands has added to the many barriers of entry into one of the most lucrative markets in the industry.

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