Icelandic developer CCP signs multi-title deal for Geomerics' lighting tech

EVE Online gets Enlightened

CCP has signed up to use Enlighten, Geomerics’ dynamic radiosity solution.

The deal applies to multiple titles, and will first appear in the forthcoming Walking in Stations update to the Icelandic developer’s flagship product, space MMO EVE Online. The expansion takes the game into interior environments for the first time, causing CCP to look for a lighting solution to bring those interiors to life.

“Real-time computer graphics hardware has advanced greatly in the last 10 years and we’ve made good progress in the lighting methods used in games," said Halldór Fannar, CTO of CCP.

"However, optical interaction between lit surfaces has always been missing and this is a key component for the visual fidelity that we are now working with at CPP. Enlighten solves this complex problem and that’s why we chose it."

Gary Lewis, CEO of Geomerics, added: “The goal of Enlighten is to expand the boundaries of what is possible inside any game world. With a product such as EVE Online, and a partner such as CCP, we know our technology is being used to create truly revolutionary environments that would not have been possible without Enlighten.”

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