But another, more detailed crowdfunding campaign is planned

Ex-BioWare devs cancel Mooncrest Kickstarter

KnightMayor, the new studio formed by former BioWare developers, has cancelled the Kickstarter for its debut RPG.

Mooncrest, announced earlier this month, was pitched as a game that combines the narrative quality of BioWare games and the action-packed combat style of Dark Souls. 

However, after a couple of weeks on the crowdfunding platform, the title has only raised $48,000 – just over 10 per cent of its $400,000 goal. Given the lack of interest, KnightMayor has decided to cancel the campaign.

But, the studio stresses, this does not mean the game itself is cancelled. Instead, the team is trying to get the project to a better position, where they can more effectively pitch the scope of the final game.

The team attributes poor backing to a weak project video, poor messaging and the lack of in-game footage.

“We came to the realisation that we weren’t going to make it and we felt cancelling was our best course of action,” the team wrote on its Kickstarter page.

“Our future plans are to lick our wounds, address all of the criticisms/complaints we received, and move forward with another Kickstarter once we’re ready.”

The future Kickstarter will feature more in-depth information and a pitch video that includes in-game footage.

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