The Game Crowd working on racing title for 2015 release

Ex-Monumental Games CEO opens new Nottingham studio

The former CEO of UK developer Monumental Games has formed a new console game studio in Nottingham called The Game Crowd.

Led by co-founder and creative director Rik Alexander, the developer will focus on next-gen consoles and is already working on its first title, an off-road racing game currently slated for release in Q4 2015.

The game will be powered by the studio’s recently acquired technology from the now defunct Monumental, which is being upgraded for development on the Xbox One and PS4, as well as for use on iOS and Android.

“We’ve always loved making console games and we think the timing is right for a new company to take advantage of the next generation and the creativity they enable,” said Alexander.

"Having recently acquired the award winning racing technology that was used by the Monumental Racing Studio where there was a huge investment in the technology, tools and pipeline, we’re in perfect shape to be able to focus on that creativity and deliver some truly outstanding original games."

A sister-company to The Game Crowd, AppCrowd, has previously worked on Blur Overdrive and Smashing Planets. It is currently working with publishers on new titles using existing IP.

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