‘It’s an exciting time to be an indie developer’

Ex-Radical lead designer Pete Low opens new studio in Scotland

20-year industry veteran Pete Low has opened a new studio in Glasgow called Rhizome Games.

The new developer’s first title is expected to be released on Steam this summer. Further announcements on its debut project will be made at a later date.

Low has been joined at the new studio by senior programmer Shaun Campbell and artist Tom Gane. The team will operate out of a converted Whiskey distillery warehouse.

“It’s an exciting time to be an indie developer,” said Low.

“The recent announcements of the Source 2 and Unreal engines along with the release of Unity 5 means the technical barriers are still coming down so we can focus more on content and the experience.

“We’re looking forward to releasing our first title on Steam and while the challenge of promoting games as an indie is tough, the community has become incredibly strong over the past few years, there are a lot people willing to help if you reach out.”

Low has spent much of his career in Vancouver, Canada at studios such as Radical Entertainment and Hothead Games before heading Glasgow developer Chunk as lead game designer in 2012, a role he left in December 2014.

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