Developer already at work on a number of titles

Ex-Rare veterans form mobile studio Flippin Pixels

Five former Rare developers have founded a new smartphone and tablet-focused studio in the UK named Flippin Pixels.

As reported by Games Industry, the team at the new developer has 20 years’ experience working on Rare titles such as Goldeneye, Viva Pinata and Kinect Sports.

The team consists of studio director Steve Brand, software director James Ackroyd, design director Shaun Read, art director Steven Hurst and technical director Gary Richards.

Flippin Pixels is currently working on a number of games, with one project currently already partway into development, with other concepts still in paper form.

"Some of the concepts we’re working on right now are very robust," said Brand.

"We’ve got some really nice game mechanics and monetisation structures throughout them. We’d like to think that every game we’ve worked on has either raised the bar or enhanced a certain genre in some way and we’d like to continue with those Rare ethics.

"We have a concept that’s actually partway into development and the rest of our concepts are in paper form and bubbling to the surface. We’ll build those out to a bigger business plan and approach publishers with them, that’s one of the short-term goals."

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