Meanwhile, legal proceedings with Rockstar North and Take Two continue

Ex-Rockstar north president Leslie Benzies establishes five new companies

Leslie Benzies, the former president of Rockstar North, has established five new companies, with several focussed around games. 

Benzies is currently engaged in a legal dispute with Rockstar North and its parent company Take-Two Interactive. Benzies alleges that he was forced out of his role at the company and is suing the company for £105m. Rockstar and Take-Two are denying these claims and have counter-sued Benzies.

In the middle of all this, The Scotsman have reported that Companies House records are showing that Benzies has established five separate companies, several of them with Game in the title, which suggests those at least will be aiming somewhere in the video games space. Royal Circus Games will be looking to develop video games for consoles, PC and smart devices and have

There’s also the hint that Benzies could be looking to get involved in virtual reality, with his company VR-Chitect, which will be looking to produce head-mounted displays, glasses and software for virtual reality.

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