Tools provider that allows creators to implement multiple in-game cameras and interactive elements raises $1.5 million in funding

Ex-Shinra execs target devs with interactive streaming platform Genvid

Genvid Technologies, the live streaming tech firm founded by former senior members of Square Enix’s deceased cloud gaming arm Shinra Technologies, has raised $1.5 million in investment for its streaming tools for devs.

Genvid is focused on interactive streaming capabilities, including the ability to build in extra in-game cameras that viewers can then switch between at will, directing their own coverage of streamed gameplay, such as eSports.

The cameras can also be set up to automatically switch when particular action is detected – for example, cutting to a more dynamic and exciting angle if a player picks up a specific item. This could be used to instantly generate replays based on the popularity of certain competitors and events.

Ultimately, Genvid hopes to inject streams with a dose of excitement and go beyond simply showing gameplay as it appears on players’ monitors.

The firm is already working with Epic Games on implementing its tech into Unreal Tournament 2016, and its developer SDK is set for wide release later this year.

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