UK handheld developer looks to stretch its wings with new formats

Exient looks to iPhone and owned IP

Undoubtedly, Oxford-based Exient is an under appreciated gem in UK games development – the independent has been a regular fixture in our Develop 100, for instance, thanks to the good sales of its handheld sports games for EA.

The team has converted a number of franchises for the giant publisher over to the platform, forging a niche and expertise on the likes of the Nintendo DS.

But the studio is looking to also start working on its own properties and new handheld formats, company heads have revealed in a report in The Oxford Times.

“The iPhone is making it easier for developers, and the Internet is providing new marketing opportunities. The real big bucks come from your own ideas,” MD Dave Hawkins told the local paper.

The company hopes to benefit from the cheaper pound as a firm who relies on wholly exporting its work as it widens its plans.

In line with that, Exient is also a vocal supporter of the Games Up? campaign for better recognition from the government when it comes to education and tax credits for studios.

Hawkins added: “Britain is one of the most expensive places to develop games and we are competing with countries which encourage the industry. We compare badly to what other countries, like Canada, have.”

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