New feature aims to make complicated presets more accessible to other members of the team

Fabric Engine 2.3’s ‘Blocks’ opens code to non-technical devs

The newest version of Fabric Software’s flagship tool is now available, and introduces a new feature that enables artists to accomplish things that previously required code.

Fabric Engine 2.3’s Blocks work with the software’s Canvas visual programming system and allow technical directors to create complex presets so that non-technical users can modify them using director-specified controls. Essentially it lets you create ‘code blocks’ to make them easier for artists and other members of the team to access.

While directors can create their own Blocks, Fabric 2.3 ships with several pre-defined Blocks such as ForLoop, Geometry Deform and Image Modify.

“The goal for Canvas is to make visual programming fun and intuitive, and Blocks delivers on that by providing an elegant mechanism for handling things that used to require coding,” said CEO Paul Doyle. “Building tools such as custom deformers to meet exotic production requirements is even easier than ever and now no longer something only TDs can do.”

The update is available to download now, and will be demonstrated in more detail at SIGGRAPH next month.

For more information, check out this handy overview video from Fabric Software.

What’s New in Fabric 2.3 from Fabric Engine on Vimeo.

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