New tool launched with 'open source' pricing model

Fabric Engine goes live

Tools outfit Fabric Engine has released the debut version of its eponymous programming platform.

The new engine, conceived to allow developers across games, film and animation to build tools that can fill in the gaps that legacy software packages can fail to provide, brings a multi-threaded, compiled performance approach to dynamic languages including JavaScript and Python.

"This launch marks the culmination of more than two years of hard work," said Paul Doyle, CEO and co-founder of Fabric Engine. "We have many ideas of what can be achieved with our technology, but we also look forward to seeing all of the creative directions in which developers push Fabric. With our open-source licensing model, it is easy for developers to get started with Fabric Engine and start building high-performance applications."

"With Fabric Engine’s technology, it’s possible to take current backend infrastructure and redeploy it to scale and gain impressive performance increases," added Guido Vieira, general manager at Nexalogy Environics, a company focused on social media analytics and an early adopter of Fabric Engine.

"Fabric Engine has other advantages too. In addition to using a language very similar to JavaScript for the high-performance operators – vanilla JavaScript/node.js for everything else – which reduces the need to use C++, you can avoid the whole code-compile-run cycle with its sometimes long delays, and use a more immediate execute model."

Typically, dynamic language applications have to be re-built via relatively compiled languages so as to maximise performance, which can introduce additional costs. Fabric Engine promises to deliver a performance equivalent to multi-threaded C++, while maintaining the ease of use and speed of iteration of dynamic languages.

Fabric Engine is now available for download here. Developers can use Fabric Engine under the AGPL open-source license, or, if they are not keen on the AGPL license model, can contact to request a commercial license.

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