Develop talks with the Ubisoft Montreal sound team

Far Cry 2’s audio in focus

In today’s technology feature, Develop has been speaking with the audio team from Ubisoft Montreal about their work on Far Cry 2.

In the in-depth look at the huge amount of work that went into the game, the team reveal that Far Cry 2 was in many regards more challenging to create sound for that a typical film.

“For Far Cry 2 alone we probably did more Foley than for any movie,” said sound designer Michael Marsan. “The weapon manipulations require a lot, and then there’s masses of idle animations – cutting in from CD libraries isn’t good enough, it has to be done precisely to fit.

“What we’ve been able to do with current-gen is incredible – especially with run-time processing,” added audio director Jeff Wesevich. “But it’s still much easier to mix in a movie: you have such freedom to change the sound treatment – freeze the audio, do crazy special effects, go to unreality and back – all to tell the story and grab the attention. In games we’re still working that out."

Far Cry 2 features over 10,000 sound effects files, 128 minutes of music and 12,000 dialogue lines.

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