In Slippery Slope, the key to kids avoiding the temptation of terrorism is navigating through a series of coloured blocks

FBI develops game, starring goat, aimed at stopping terrorist extremism

The FBI has launched a new initiative that uses the power of video games to convince teenagers to not become terrorist extremists.

Don’t Be A Puppet is the US government agency’s attempt to play into the stereotypical hobbies of those at risk of radicalisation. (Well spotted, The Next Web).

The website features a knock-off original Game Boy, as well as other 1990s pop culture references.

There’s also a playable video game. That’s right, a game carefully crafted to convince those considering turning to violence extremism to reconsider their decision by demonstrating the serious consequences that can occur.

So, what does this important game, designed to counter one of this century’s greatest threats, feature? Well, a goat.

Slippery Slope is a retro-stylised endless runner starring a goat that challenges those at risk of being terrorists to dodge a series of coloured blocks before being told why extremism is bad.

“Follow the distorted logic of blame that can lead a person to violent extremism,” the game’s description helpfully explains regarding the allegorical connection between a farm animal and a troubled youth considering causing harm to others.

The slope isn’t the only thing that’s slippery, as the goat’s movement controls appear to be akin to that of Bambi on ice.

You can play Slippery Slope here.

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