Seems they have it Fig-ured out

Fig announced 500k finishing fund for projects funding on the platform

Fig has announced a new $500k fund, the Fig Finishing Fund, to offer further support to games that are successfully funded on the crowdfunding platform.

The fund is intended to help developers pay to some of the extraneous costs of finishing up a game like localisation, final polishing efforts, marketing campaigns and any potential costs from the launch. The fund is live as of today, and will be available until the end of 2017.

Fig have said that they hope this can help with some of the hurdles and funding difficulties that can afflict late-stage development.This could provide extra security for developers scared of potential costs that could be incurred with the launch of Valve’s Steam Direct service, and developers are guaranteed at least $20,000 in funding if they have a successful crowdfunding on Fig and manage to attract at least 1,000 backers.

Those interested are encouraged to reach out to Justin Bailey, Fig’s founder and CEO, you can do this via email at

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