Scandinavian country's developers enjoy the benefits of the 'Verso Programme'

Finnish Govt devotes â?¬10m to game development

In 2008, Government technology funding body Tekes provided the games industry with €10 million, having identified the sector as ‘strategically important’.

Speaking to Develop in an in-depth focus on Finland’s thriving games industry, Tekes senior technology advisor Mari Isbom said: “Tekes has identified games as a strategically important research and development area and thus one of the key focus areas. Around €10 million were targeted for game companies in 2008 via the Verso programme.”

In 2008, Tekes supported almost 2000 projects across the technology industries with a €516 million budget. €56 million of Tekes’ total went towards the €120 that the Verso market-orientated initiative uses to boost the success of the country’s software industry by networking both businesses and research internationally.

While Finland’s 50 games company’s represents a sizable industry in a country boasting just 5.3 million residents, on the international stage it is still a fledgling force in development. That means €10 million is a significant and encouraging sign that governments can be won round to considering the funding of their nations’ games industries.

Keep an eye out across Develop this week, as our four-day Finland focus will be profiling all the leading developers in the country.

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