Middleware devs target audio market with updated bundle release

Firelight releases FMOD Designer 2010

Australia-based middleware studio Firelight Technologies has announced the release of the FMOD Designer 2010 tools bundle.

The new kit is specifically aimed at sound designers and, Firelight claim, was developed in partnership with several of the firm’s clients.

The tool is free to use with any FMOD licensed project, as well as for students, teachers and “non-commercial projects”.

Firelight has listed new features included in the bundle. They have stated that an improved interface is included with upgraded layout and workflow enhancements intended to make creating game audio “easier and faster”.

FMOD Unreal Engine 3 integration is also included, featuring what Firelight say is “the deepest Unreal Engine 3 audio integration available”.

Integration with the CryEngine, Unity, BigWorld, Vision Engine and Scaleform engines is also included.

A new graphical bulk editor is included, which Firelight say was developed in collaboration with several of their users. The firm claim the editor can tweak multiple sound effects at once by way of a ‘bird’s eye view’ that allows users to survey “thousands of sound effects” at once.

Firelight have said that the bulk editor also supports most commonly used properties and provides a graphical interface for each; volume and volume randomization, pitch and pitch randomisation, reverb wet and dry levels, fad in and out, minimum and maximum distance, rolloff curve and playback behavior.

A multi-track editor is also included, which Firelight say allows for the creation of complex layerd sound effects. This editor is set to also support the DSP effects built into the FMOD Ex API. DSP effects include lowpass and highpass; delay, flange and chorus; tremolo, distortion, normalisation; parametric EQ, ptch shift, compression and reverb.

Firelight say the multi-track editor can also be used to create sound effects with reusable sound components, which can be shared among different sound effects to save memory and add to the variation and randomisation of individual effects.

A visual composition tool has also been included in the bundle which Firelight claims allows the creation of music that responds dynamically to game events. As well as this, the firm say that a I3DL2 compatible reverb effect built into the FMOD Ex API allows for the creation of reverbs for all game environments with 26 reverb presets can be mixed and matched.

A live mixing feature has also been included that Firelight say allows live game mixing by connecting through the tool bundle’s network audition feature. An FMOD live profiler is also included, which Firelight say “allows developers to monitor audio levels, performance, and resource usage live. It provides a live visual representation of both CPU and memory usage as the game is played, as well as displaying the DSP routing within the FMOD Ex sound engine.”

Sound banks are included in FMOD Designer 2010 which break up game audio into groups, with the intention of saving on memory space.

The new Firelight bundle also supports several audio format standards; PCM; ADPCM, GCADPCM; MP2, MP 3; CELT, XMA and VAG.

FMOD Designer 2010 also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, PS3, iPhone & iPad. Firelight say the kit can create and manage content for multiple target platforms and language markets within a single project.

Finally, the FMOD Designer 2010 was designed to compliment the FMOD Ex API.

“For FMOD Designer 2010 we wanted to focus on sound designers and their everyday workflow. What could we do to make working with FMOD Designer faster and easier? The less time sound designers spend wrangling with their tools, the more time they have to create awesome game sound – and that’s the ultimate goal,” said FMOD Designer 2010 lead programmer Raymond Biggs.

“For FMOD Designer 2010 we worked collaboratively with our users to develop many interface improvements and workflow enhancements. We’ve also added a new feature called the ‘visual bulk editor’ – it’s very sexy and will make working with large projects really easy,” he added.

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