CEO admits to Designer shortcomings, promises much to come

Firelight: “We’ve big plans for FMOD”

Firelight CEO Brett Paterson has spoken about the future of the audio engine, and its current shortcomings, in an interview with music4games.

While he says that the low-level programmer API is "so powerful that there’s not a lot more to add to it," Paterson admitted that there is much to do for the FMOD designer program.

Asked whether FMOD would be updating the presentation of its application in retaliation to the praise of Wwise’s ‘slick interface’, Paterson said "About four years ago we started on the FMOD Designer, which was primitive then, but as we have hired more people to work on it we are focusing on a far more advanced, slicker experience."

"It was probably up until four years ago that, at GDC, we’d always get sound designers coming up to our booth asking ‘have you got anything for us?’. And we’d always say no, so from then on we focused on developing FMOD designer. This means our main focus now is the sound designer tool. This turns out to be a huge task. There are many large features yet to go in here, so we’re most busy at the moment optimizing and adding to the designer tool and API."

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