iOS 5 and AirPlay combine on motion control, dual screen project

Firemint reveals iOS Wii U competitor

Australian studio Firemint has unveiled an iOS 5 game that makes use of a new Apple gameplay method AirPlay.

The AirPlay function makes use of iPad tablets and Apple TV in a technique that directly rivals the new Nintendo Wii U system.

Launching for use on the new Firemint iOS title Real Racing 2 HD, AirPlay allows a game to play on a TV monitor while a corresponding iPad is used as a controller and track map keeping tabs on NPCs and rival players.

Firemint has described AirPlay as game changing, saying it presents a “never-before-seen level of freedom to Real Racing 2 HD.”

“Combined with the precision steering and brilliant 3D visuals made possible by iPad 2′s hardware, Real Racing 2 HD over AirPlay promises an experience you’ll have to play to believe.”

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