Number of users equivalent to the populations of Norway and Scotland

Five million players register for Elder Scrolls Online beta

Five million people registered to take part in the beta for ZenmiMax’s upcoming fantasy MMO The Elder Scrolls Online.

According to the publisher, that’s twice the amount of Big Macs eaten daily around the world. It’s also equivalent to the population of Norway. A quick check shows it’s just under the total population of Scotland too, if you were curious.

More than 61 million items can be found in the game, with 40.65 million different weapon variations included in the MMO. The title also features 10,202 NPCs, which would apparently take the average person 15 years to meet all of them.

As for the developers themselves, the company estimates that since 2011 the Zenimax Online Studios team has drunk 162,784 cups of coffee. The studio is also said to house 8.13 miles of cable, equivalent to 40 Eiffel Towers.

You can view more stats in the infographic below.

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