All Sega studios, as well as Capcom and Grin, among the crowd of teams licensing Nvidiaâ??s PhysX and APEX tools

Fleet of developers strike Nvidia deal

A collection of development studios and publishers, from Sega to Capcom, have today announced their partnership with Nvidia in licensing two key technologies – PhysX and APEX.

Both the physics and effects tools will serve the entire portfolio of Sega studios, while Capcom Entertainment and Airtight Games has announced it is using both for the development of the upcoming Dark Void (pictured).

“Sega has been using PhysX technology for several years, but this new agreement enables our studios to take advantage of the full portfolio of cross-platform PhysX engines,” said Takashi Shoji, Sega’s Department Manager of Consumer Software R&D

“APEX was an important factor in our decision because it enables us to create high quality physics content in an easier and more productive manner.”

Capcom and Airtight Games, meanwhile, will use both tools to advance Dark Void’s in-game physics effects, along with a GPU-accelerated particle system that is used extensively for weapons and debris effects.

“The extensive capabilities that Nvidia PhysX and APEX technologies provide to developers is colossal,” said Jim Deal, President at Airtight Games. “For example, the new APEX turbulence module that NVIDIA recently introduced allows us to have infinite artistic freedom in the way the game looks, plays, and feels.”

Longstanding Swedish develop Grin has also licensed PhysX, and will be using the technology for the upcoming Terminator Salvation title.

“PhysX technology really allows us to do things in the game that we couldn’t do before,” said Bo Andersson, Grin CEO. “By working with NVIDIA and the PhysX teams very closely, we were able to make the Terminator Salvation game environments look and react as realistically as they do in the film. Gamers are going to be in for a real treat.”

Two other developers have signed a deal with Nvidia, with both US-based 8monkey Labs and Russia’s Biart Studio using the PhysX tool.

8 Monkey Labs, currently working on the upcoming PC and 360 FPS Darkest of Days, will be using GPU-accelerated PhysX effects to add a layer of immersion to the game.

“NVIDIA PhysX technology helped us achieve eerily accurate historical detail,” said Mark Doeden, Art Director at 8monkey Labs. “Our Marmoset Engine brings these battles to life with a completely unique look, and the PhysX technology was instrumental in making the game feel alive and real.”

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