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Follow Friday: Ten game developers to chase on Twitter

(There was really no point mentioning @notch or @therealcliffyb or @TimOfLegend – if you’re on Twitter and you’re reading this then it’s pretty likely you’re following them already! Or, at least, deliberately not.)

Matt ‘Mills’ Miller

Why: Because there’s no PR with him. He’s mercilessly transparent about his studio’s sales figures, business practices and revenues.
Extracurricular: Debates the minutia of software packages and services, such as questioning what kind of person never uses Out Of Office


Andrew Smith

Why: Because Andrew is brutally honest about his games in equal measure to Mills, but in his spare time cracks jokes about working in a shed.
Extracurricular: Can display six different emotions in a single profile pic.


Rob Fearon

Why: Because he complains for Britain. He is the grand master of criticism. The Godzilla of grumbling. And yes you can sigh at the cynicism and block him to avoid the RTs, but here’s the rub: he’s nearly always spot on.
Extracurricular: Points out the sordid advantages of working from home.


Alice Taylor

Why: Because she has her finger firmly on the pulse of indie game development and is deeply engaged with the community. @ her and she’ll find a moment to reply with warm hugs.
Extracurricular: Knows pretty much everything about 3D printing.


Daniel Kaplan

Why: Because he’s just lovely and adds some schmaltzy positivity to your feed. When he posts a smilie you know he’s genuinely smiling.
Extracurricular: Uses twitter when drunk.


Mike Acton

Why: Because he has become the driving force in a new rush of game development commentary from the US. Extracurricular: Acutely aware of a generational gap between himself and his daughter.


Paulina Bozek

Why: Because she’s the queen of the East London game development hub. Astutely aware of emerging industry trends and regular poster of all kinds of hip hop videos.
Extracurricular: Dedicated follower of fashion.


Mike Capps

Why: Because he’s an executive board member of one of the most important games studios in the world and he’s cool with making a joke of himself.
Extracurricular: Chats with his wife on Twitter about what to have for dinner in the evening.


Dan Marshall

Why: Genuinely funny, proactive and often insightful, Dan has singlehandedly ruined the programmer stereotype.
Extracurricular: Tweets from the gym. Complains about the gym.


Ken Levine

Why: He’s one of the only people in America capable of British-level dry wit, and occasionally updates on the BioShock project.
Extracurricular: Has a photo collection of BioShock fans who have chains tattooed to their wrists.


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