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Follow Friday: Ten more game devs to chase on Twitter

[People were asking us to embed tweets but our tech doesn’t quite like it. We’ll think of something. Also, we need more females on our lists – send follow suggestions to @developonline or @rob_innit. Last week’s suggestions are here. Okay, have a good weekend.]


The City boy who came good and grew an enormous handlebar moustache; Deejay is a former banker who quit the suit life and made a politicised parody of Dizzy the Egg. He’s incredibly nice but, like all the best Britons, is proficient at complaining. An essential follow.
Extracurricular: We’ve known him for years now and he still won’t tell us his real name.

Realm Lovejoy

Yes, someone from Valve is actually on Twitter, kind of. Realm is a talented freelance illustrator and writer whose projects have included Portal, Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead. The Weighted Companion Cube may have never existed without her.
Extracurricular: Will link to amazing art you’ve never seen before.

Ryan Payton

What could a man who helped lead Metal Gear and Halo projects, who then quit it all to become indie, possibly have to say about games development? Ryan’s insight into the industry is astounding and free from NDA.
Extracurricular: Get him to follow you by saying clever things about Kid A and OK Computer.

Meggan Scavio

Okay, she’s not a games developer (I mean, theoretically, studio managers aren’t either) but Meggan runs GDC, which is the most important event to go to if you work in game creation. She’ll splice updates about the event between stories of donut eating contests and queuing for falafel.
Extracurricular: Her hotel reviews are more useful than

Mark Rein

Mark on Twitter is, 95 per cent of the time, a friendly and informative Unreal tech publicist and industry commentator. The bonus in following him is when that other five per cent comes into your feed! 😀 (Mark, we’re joking!)
Extracurricular: Wine twitpic aficionado

Johan Andersson

Whatever you do, do not tell EA about this: Johan has become the unofficial yet completely authoritative voice of EA’s DICE studio. He’ll slip out things that PR would never sign off, and he knows his tech. While John Carmack tweets in technological haiku, Johan speaks as a diehard PC fan.
Extracurricular: Wikileaks sympathiser

Shuhei Yoshida

Aww, he’s just so lovely! As anyone who’s met Shuhei will attest, he’s basically a buttoned-down nerd who loves anything that’s cool about games and PlayStation. Oh, and he’s also in charge of the world’s biggest game development group.
Extracurricular: Retweets a Kaz Hirai parody account. Knowingly, we think.

Ben Cousins

Authentic, straight talking and, it would be fair to say, divisive – this is, after all, the man who said piracy is “simply un-monetized consumer behaviour”. Ben hasn’t said it so explicitly yet, but the point that his 2,200 tweets have driven towards is this: The console business is creeping into the cold shadow of mobile devices.
Extracurricular: Has actually dreamed about studio meetings where new IP is discussed (take a bloody holiday!)

Miles Jacobson

Tweet rate: 12. Insight: 15. Wit: 10. Grammar: 19. Punctuation 19. Friendliness: 16. Long tweets: 16.
Extracurricular: Argues with officials.

Will Luton

Truth is, we were really tempted to not mention him again this week just for the laughs. But, y’know, it was time we fessed up: Will really knows mobile games development and, between joking around, he will enlighten you about the sector.
Extracurricular: Develop columnist – but that’s not why we included him. God no. He’s paid us.

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