Newcastle team takes first steps into development on iOS and Windows Phone

Former agency developers open Tint Digital

Tint, a new independent development studio, has been formed by Jonathan Dixon (right) and Steve Ridgway (left) in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dixon and Ridgway previously worked at mobile app agencies in the city, including Komodo and Th_nk.

“Having both worked at various agencies over the past few years and feeling what we were developing wasn’t a true representation of what we could produce, we felt we needed to ‘find the love’ for what we do again,” Dixon told Develop.

“With a strong love of gaming, especially in the mobile sector, we decided to form a studio aimed at producing beautifully crafted, fun and exciting mobile games, and hence Tint was born.”

Their studio name is an abbreviation of a Star Wars quote from the character of Master Yoda: “There is no try”.

“There’s no point in simply thinking and dreaming about trying to achieve something, you just have to do it,” emphasised Dixon.

Currently just the two of them working to produce an iOS and Windows Phone game. It aims to move into areas such as Xbox Live Indie and Arcade games as well as PS Vita. Dixon handles development and Ridgway the design.

Complementary skills in both areas mean they can “operate with the talent and skills between the two of us,” Dixon adds.

“Our main aim at Tint is to create the best possible end product. We’re doing this for the love of what we do, and we hope it shows in what we produce.”

Dixon told Develop that making games has been a lifelong dream of his. Previously, he worked at Komodo where he was head of mobile development. Before this, he also head positions at Th_nk, Shout and Orchid Software.

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