Karl Magnus Troedsson joined Battlefield studio as producer in 2001 before rising to become VP of group strategy at publisher parent

Former DICE CEO leaves EA for emerging indie label Raw Fury

EA DICE veteran Karl Magnus Troedsson has left the company after almost 15 years to help newly-founded publisher Raw Fury Games get off the ground.

Troedsson joined DICE as a producer on Rallisport Challenge in 2001, going on to executive-produce multiple entries in the Battlefield series and lead the studio as VP GM and CEO in 2010.

In 2013 he crossed over to parent publisher EA as VP and group GM for the firm’s studios, including DICE and Visceral Games.

Most recently he served as VP of group strategy, supporting DICe projects including Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Battlefield 1.

He joins Raw Fury as a partner and co-owner, assisting the indie label with linking up with indie devs.

“KM is not joining to make us corporate,” Raw Fury affirmed on its website. “He is coming to Raw Fury to follow his passion for indie games, to help the developers while working with a small group of ambitious friends.

“When KM started in this industry he was a part of creating small games. He journeyed into the land of triple-A and now returns, with a wealth of experience, to support those who are about to start their very own journey.”

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