A team of developers from EA and its Black Box studio in Vancouver have formed a new independent studio.

Former EA Canada devs form Atomic Robot

Atomic Robot is based in Vancouver and is currently in talks with publishers for its first project. The team behind the outfit includes developers who have worked on games including Syphon Filter, The Suffering and all the recent Need for Speed games.

"These guys are masters of their craft with more than 24 games under their belts," said COO Christopher Davis. "They have created some amazing and hugely successful titles making us a supremely well-built team of top-notch game veterans. We have created a truly unique company at a great time in our industry."

Plus, the studio has already developed its own in-house tech for its new games.

"One of the most important aspects of any game company is their in-house technology. Atomic Robot Games is no exception. We’ve developed a proprietary engine and in-house tool-set that will allow us to create some remarkable game-play experiences," said Tristan Grimmer, CTO. 

Creative Director, Ken Thurston, added: "These guys are like family — we have a lot of history. From Black Box to EA with titles like ‘Need For Speed’ we’re veterans in the industry, and we know our stuff! Since day one our mantra has been ‘game play first.’ At Atomic Robot Games that will be the creative foundation for all our titles. I’m very excited."

It’s not the first independent studio to have been founded by former EA Canada staff – last month Jet Black, a studio founded by former FIFA and Need For Speed team members was opened in Vancouver too.

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