Executive producer joins Shangahi studio to drive development on Dust 514

Former EA veteran Jean-Charles Gaudechon heads to CCP

Former EA veteran Jean-Charles Gaudechon has joined CCP as executive producer for Dust 514.

Gaudechon will be responsible for driving the future development of the MMO for PS3, which was officially launched earlier this year.

He will be based at the company’s Shanghai studio and will report to another former EA exec, now CCP senior VP of product development, Sean Decker.

"I’m going to be the executive producer of Dust 514, so that’s going to be my sole focus, growing the already good game that it is," Gaudechon told Develop.

"The idea is really to keep pushing. Keep the very high quality releases now that the game is launched, and making sure that we basically listen to everything the community has to say and keep that very high quality experience out there."

Gaudechon also said he would look to use his experience in the free-to-play and online market to the FPS MMO to try and improve the player experience.

"I’ve been more working on these type of deep online experiences for five, six, seven years," he said.

"And on top of that I have experience on new business models like free-to-play. I think that experience can absolutely help Dust 514 to become an even better game with each release."

He added it was key as executive producer to make sure staff were driving toward the same vision for the game, and that the company was taking advantage of a wide array of skillets to ensure Dust 514 reaches its full potential.

"It’s a matter of advocating internally, which I’m a big fan of," he said.

"When you have the title of producer in your title, it has to be about vision. I’m pushing that vision for how or what people are going to experience.

"It’s not getting easier. That said, it all depends on the people you have got around you. So far it has been excellent working with the Shanghai team."

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