Trio form Loveshack Entertainment and reveal debut project

Former Firemint devs shack up with new studio

New studio Loveshack Entertainment has been formed by a trio of developers from EA’s Firemint studio.

The outfit has been in pre-production on its first title, Framed, for six months.

The game is a unique narrative puzzler in which players move story panels around to change the sequence of events.

Framed has recieved funding from both Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

Loveshack’s stated goal is to push "creative boundaries" and develop "more personal projects."

Between them the trio of Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore and Ollie Browne has experience on titles like The Movies, Populous, Theme Hospital, Syndicate Wars, Rolling with Katamari and Real Racing 2 and 3.

“Josh and I really clicked when we worked together on SPY mouse. But we were also both finding that whilst we loved working at Firemint, we wanted to stretch our creative muscles outside of a larger company,” said Moore.

“With Ollie joining the team, we’re now ready to unleash our love on the world.”

Framed is expected to be released on PC and tablets in late 2013.

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