The Audio Guys behind Forza 3 explain how transatlantic collaboration can deliver

Forza 3 project â??proves outsourcing worksâ??

The age of high-speed internet and multiple communication devices has made it possible for the Forza 3 project to be taken on by two studios working in different continents, some 1500 miles apart.

And Tim Bartlett, of UK sound design group The Audio Guys (TAG), says that the firm’s involvement on Forza 3 “proved that outsourcing is an entirely feasible option, even on next-gen titles where large data sizes and complex game tools are involved.”

Forza 3 was predominantly developed by Seattle-based developer Turn 10, though much of the game’s sound design was outsourced to TAG’s Midlands-based offices.

“All in all, considering the distance, the whole process was overwhelmingly successful,” added Bartlett, speaking in an interview with Develop.

Bartlett reveals that TAG had full access to Turn 10’s control server in Seattle, and that both studios regularly made scheduled conference calls.

“Therefore, from this perspective, we were simply another member of the Turn 10 team,” added Bartlett. “It could be said that we were the Forza 3 audio nightshift.”

During the Forza 3 project, both Turn 10 and TAG had to share data between folders that reach over 20 gigabytes in size.

“FTP was used for very large chunks of data such as source recordings, while game builds were handled by recursive download software to keep data sizes and transfer times to a minimum, only downloading changes and updates to any given build.”

More info on the Forza 3 project, and its sound design, can be found here.

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