The former executives of Gathering of Developers have established a new publishing outfit, called – bizarrely - Gamecock Media Group.

Founders of GOD launch Gamecock

Mike Wilson and Harry Miller (former CEO and president of G.O.D. respectively) have established the Austin-based company, claiming that it will be a welcome solution to the “bloated and originality-starved industry”.

“The major publishers have been focusing on safe bets – large budget games often attached to major licences or sequels,” said Wilson, Gamecock’s CEO.

“This insufficient emphasis on the creation of original game properties has created major dissatisfaction among the industry’s most talented game designers and has made the current system unpalatable. In other words, things are getting stale. We aim to change that.”

Gamecock has already signed up a number of titles across multiple platforms. These include Fury (Auran), a massively multiplayer, ‘player versus player’ title for PC; Insecticide (Crackpot Entertainment), a film noir action adventure game for PC and handhelds; Mushroom Men (Red Fly Studios) for next gen consoles and handhelds; Hail To The Chimp (Wideload Games), a party game for next gen consoles and handhelds based on the politics in the animal kingdom; Hero (Firefly Studios), a “brutal but comical romp” through the real world of medieval dungeons.

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