Report finds that Japan is the only region where Apple’s iOS outpaces Google’s operating system

Four-fifths of Unity mobile games installed on Android

When it comes to mobile titles made with Unity, Android is king.

That’s the headline finding from Unity’s latest By The Numbers report for the first quarter of 2016, which studied 220,000 games made with the engine.

Android accounted for 81 per cent of the 4.2 billion mobile installs, while iOS remained stable at 17 per cent.

Breaking it down further, Android’s Kitkat (4.4) and Lollipop (5.X) iterations were found to be most popular among players, racking up three quarters (73 per cent) of installs on the OS.

Meanwhile, iOS’ latest 9.X firmware accounted for 72 per cent of installs, with nine in 10 users running 8.0 or later.

Overall, global Unity mobile game installs were up by 30 per cent versus Q4 2015. Much this growth was driven by China, which alone comprised nearly a third (31 per cent) of total installs.

Examining mobile interest between regions, Android was found to hold a lead in all of the Top Ten countries – China, the US, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Korea, Turkey, India and the UK – except Japan, which favoured iOS with a 53 per cent majority.

Android was most popular in Brazil and the Republic of Korea, with a 92 per cent market share in both countries.

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