Frontier announces new £40 Elite Dangerous expansion

Space sim Elite Dangerous has announced what effectively sounds like a Season Pass for a range of upcoming content.

The whole package is called Horizons and the star feature is the Planetary Landings bundle, which for the first time, provides players with the chance to explore a planet’s surface for the first time via a Mako-style buggy called the Scarab.

Frontier adds that the transition from flying among the stars to driving around on planets will be seamless.

Frontier has put a 40 price tag on the new content, however, with a 10 discount currently being offered to existing players who pre-order.

Planetary Landings is due out before the end of the year, with other updates to arrive in 2016.

Scanning airless planets and moons brings new gameplay as players detect signals, crashed ships, mineral deposits, outposts and fortresses,” Frontier said. Alone or with friends players will explore, mine and engage hostile forces as they attempt to infiltrate strongholds guarding valuable rewards.

Players will explore new worlds, coasting over mountaintops, diving into canyons, landing on the surface and rolling out onto the surface in your SRV, all without loading times or breaks in gameplay.”

Here’s the trailer:

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