GDC 09: Celebrated designer lets slip details when quizzed at GDC panel

Fumito Ueda’s next game is ‘similar to Ico’

SCE Japan Studio’s famed designer Fumito Ueda has revealed a little about his next project during a panel at GDC 09.

The panel, which also featured Bethesda’s Emil Pagliarulo and Grasshopper’s Suda 51, took a strange turn at the end when Suda 51 asked the other two to talk about what they were working on next.

Ueda said that he couldn’t divulge much, as the Japan Studio bosses were in the room, but that it might not be entirely unfamiliar to players. When pushed further by the moderator, he ummed and ahhed, before revealing that it would probably feel ‘quite similar to Ico’, the game that made him famous within the industry.

He in turn tried to wrestle some information about Suda’s title with EA Partners, who joked: "I would say something, but EA’s snipers would get me pretty quick."

"Shinji Mikami and I are working on a horror game together, though. Oh, damn, I shouldn’t have said that. Please forget it!"

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